Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Throne of Skulls isn't going to build itself

B'A' Baracus needs your help. Well, just your skull, really.
Khorne. The Skull Lord. My favorite of the ruinous powers. Straightforward and easy to please.
No mindbending schemes, no disturbing (but sexy) multi-boob critters, and no great love of mucus. Just a gleeful slaughter.
All day, every day. Way, way back in the mists of time when I was playing Adeptus Titanicus and was drifting towards 40K I bought a few figures just because the were very cool.

Danger: Made of real lead.
The second Warhammer 40,000 model I bought was some sort of evil space marine, but I loved the look. Later as I played more and discovered more of the universe, I really wanted the make a World Eaters army. Alas, in 1991 this was not strictly possible. It was to be a few more years before GW released a few more World Eaters, and the plastic box of five! All in the same pose however.
Then of course came the masterpiece that was the 1996 Codex: Chaos. All the Chaos rules in one spot! New figs! A new Berzerker character, my favorite psychotic, Kharn!
With some Daemons and cultists, I had an eye-lite fighting force. All was well until that mixed bag of a codex, the 1999 3rd edition.
Lost my cultists but gained a multi-pose plastic Berzerker box set.
Soon after (in GW terms at least) came the golden age of Chaos. The 2002 Codex was a worthy successor to the '96 book. I honed my World Eaters to a fine edge, I won a Rogue Trader, and placed very well in a few more with them. Nothing good lasts forever, and six years later a dull, flavorless new codex was dropped on us.
I let my Decapitators Anonymous card expire, and the chainaxes got dusty.

Until now. With a new, better codex it's time to break out the skull polish and update my World Eaters.
The next few posts will be all about that.

Blood for the Blood God!

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