Thursday, January 31, 2019

Magic Robo Arms

I'll be honest, some of us laughed at the Citadel Assembly Handle when it was released. It just looked goofy, and kinda impractical.
I received one as a birthday gift, so I decided to give it a fair chance the next time I built something. 
A few days later I was deep into painting the Blackstone Fortress guys, when disaster struck! I lost track of where Ms Eldar Ranger was on the table and bumped her long rifle with my elbow and broke the slender weapon. 

With Vaul's grace I was able to find it on the carpet, but how to fix it? I wanted to use plastic cement so it would kind of weld back together. It is a super thin part so holding it in place for a few minutes for the glue to set, and then at least half an hour to really cure was going to be difficult. 

Unless one had some kind of wonder tool! I quickly set it up and did a dry fitting with no issues. A little bit of glue and presto! I placed the handle someplace safe from the cats and me. About a hour later I checked on it, carefully removing the clamps to find the rifle perfectly straight and solidly fixed.

I have since used them a few time for similar type of construction. The "arms" are well segmented to achieve almost any position. Very useful to secure a tricky part and let it dry while you move on the something else. Fun to use, inexpensive, and quite handy.

Go Build Something
And Let the Robo-Arms Help

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