Friday, January 5, 2018

Round Two, Engage

The WInter League has wrapped up Round one, and now the battles get bigger. The Guard has done very well with the new paint job and stands at 3-0. Next up the Eldar are 2-1, Tyranids 1-2, and the Marines got shut out.

We decided to play the same mission for all Round Two battles, (as can be seen over there on the right >) The Power Level has risen to 75 and Flyers are now allowed. We are using the special flyer rules from the Skies of Death section of the Main Rulebook.

Mrs.Blackheart and I got our battle done yesterday, and it was a close one. If it wasn't for some truly amazingly good rolls from my Hydra, I probally would not have prevailed. It was a damn close match until turn three when the dice turned against the Eldar.

Will the Marines stage a comeback? How scary will the Hive Mind be? Can the Guard be stopped? Can anyone stand up to the Psychic mastery of the Eldar? Stay tuned!

Go Roll Them Bones
And Don't Forget Your Command Points 

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