Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New 40K Release Date

Pre-orders start June 3 for a June 17th release. No price info at the moment. The box set comes with a bunch of new models, the full 280 page, hardback rulebook, two mini-army books for Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard, plus some other items.
Five(!) separate softback books, Indexes for ALL of the current armies. We will be able to play everything on day one. Damn nice. Of course the rulebook will be available as a stand alone item.
And that's not all! Command dice, Tactical Objective Cards, Wound tracker dice, and a set of objectives. Bank account prepare for impact!

Oh, and the basic version of the rules will be ready as a free download on the 17th. This all looks great. This should prove to be a good summer of 40K.

The Emperor Protects
As Long as They Print Enough Copies


  1. Wow.

    So... question. Are the indexes *replacing* the codexes (this is what we have now)? Or are they more like the listings in the back of the old 3rd edition rule book (just enough so you can start playing immediately)?

  2. GW says "...In the future, they’ll get their own dedicated codexes."

    It seems that the 'Indexes' are a stopgap so we can play with everything at launch. More like the 'Black Book' that came with 2nd edition, which had more detail than the listings in the 3rd Rulebook.

    I would imagine 8th Edition Codices to start rolling out soon after launch date.