Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Carnage Asada '17

Our annual Carnage Asada fest was upon us last Monday. This time we went for Shadow War: Armageddon (SWA), A.K.A. Necromunda V.2. The good 'ole Necromunda rules have been cleaned up just a touch (to good effect) and the focus is on standard 40K combatants, not gangers. I do hope some new stats for gangers are released, just to bring them up to the new standards.

SWA is a great game. Very fast moving once you have a handle on the rules. It is easy to have a few battles in a reasonable time frame. Low model count so it is simple to keep track of all of them, and just enough extra detail to make it really interesting.

We had four active players. Each got in three battles in a day of fast moving carnage!

The smallest kill team with only three figures, the Tyranid Warriors were rightly feared on the battlefield. They finished the day at 2-1, losing only to the Space Marine Scouts.

A good multi-purpose Space Marine Scout team also went 2-1 with their loss coming at the hands of the Chaos Space Marines.

Chaos Space Marines and friends (flunkies?) had a solid force and a interesting dynamic of elite and fodder troops. They finished the day at 1-2.

The Genestealer Cult, the largest force with nine figures, only managed to defeat the rival Chaos Cult. They end up at 1-2 as well.

Now that we have a good feel for the rules, we will give the campaign system a go. The Genestealer Cult shall begin its rise.

Thanks to everybody who made it a great day in the underhive!

Welcome To The Under
If I could Only Stop Failing My Ammo Checks!

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