Friday, December 30, 2016

Tempestus Rex

Here is the culmination of many hours of toil. I present to you, Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan, Tempestus Rex, ("Storm King" in low Gothic) of the Legio Gryphonicus.

I am well pleased at the way it came out. As with many large projects, there are a few small things I would do a bit differently, but nothing major. It has been one hell of a build, and one of my best.

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement, it helped a lot in the dark times when there was just so much left to do. Booze and cursing The Jeff helped a lot too.

Now it's time to see what 3,000 points of imperial Guard Tanks can do to it.

The Big Guns Never Tire
And What A Joyous Sound They Make


  1. That looks great. It's good too see this engine all painted and ready to slay foes.

    1. Thank you! It will take on a renegade guard force this weekend.