Friday, May 27, 2016

Highway to the...

Carnage Asada 2016 is almost upon us. By popular demand, the Top Gun Tournament of Champions is back! This year's mission is to destroy an Ork convoy before it can escape off the far (12') end of the tables. There will be lots of Ork anti-aircraft and targets of opportunity to distract the fighter heroes.

My flyer range has expanded a bit since our last outing. I have added a Heldrake, and a trio of Tyranid mini-Rodans, but no Marine Flyers. I decided to (finally) assemble and paint a Nephilim Fighter for my Dark Angels.

It is a nice kit, no-fuss assembly. I do like its blunt, semi- A-10 Warthog feel. The Ravenwing paint scheme makes for some fast painting.

Good armor, lots of weapons. I'll see how it performs on Monday, raining death upon the Ork hordes.

The Emperor Protects
But Always Bet on Black

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