Friday, March 18, 2016

X-Wing: Stop The Transports

And now for a excellent X-Wing battle. It was a mission thought up on the fly, two GR-75 transports with escorts have to made it out of the blockade zone. Enforcing the No-Fly Zone is an Imperial Raider and six TIE fighters.
We played on opposite sides of  a 6'x4' area, which seemed to work out fine, aside from two turns with no shooting. On turn three, everybody's favorite decision time: The Merge!
This is where your plan goes to die. For example, stopping short in front of a triplet of B-Wings. Not good. Two of my TIEs died in a hail of fire. It is always that fine balance of executing The Plan, but being flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities, and/or admitting The Plan has gone to hell and devising a new, better one without becoming bogged down in half measures and indecision. Like my Left Flank TIEs. Only one of which will get run over by a transport in two turns due to a poor not-quite decision now. 
I was able to take out a B-Wing with the Raider's Quad Lasers, and do some good damage to a transport and the Millennium Falcon with the Raider's heavy guns. I love the Raider! Plus it's fun seeing all the fighters panic when they realize you may run them over.
Of course I was guilty of that when it finally occurred to me that two of my TIEs where in a fatal attack vector to the transports. One just barely squeaked by, the the other one had a head on with destiny.
At least he took out a shield on the GR-75 when he went. Damn rookies. His wingman who escaped the collision died from a point-blank barrage from Wes Janson's X-Wing. Now I have one TIE left, but at least it is square on the Falcon's six and blasting away to good effect.
The B-Wings make a mess of the Raider's shields, but I manage to destroy one of them and a Rebel transport. My last TIE gets smoked by the A-Wing. Now the Raider is all alone with a X-Wing and a B-Wing in it's rear arc. Which has no guns. Bad show.
On what turned out to be the last turn, The Raider finished off the Falcon and did a lot of hits on the last transport. The B & X-wing get past the shields and do a few hull points on the Raider. We had to call the game due to time constraints.But what a good game! I don't play it enough, but I do love me some X-Wing. 

Next up: Deathwatch

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  1. Awesome! I'm desperately trying to get my girlfriend to play epic games with me but she only likes 100pt games! I'm missing so much! :-(

    1. Bribe her! She will see how much fun the epic games are.

  2. The Blackheart's words about plans ring true. I was the Rebel player in this epic conflict, and I got totally spooked by the merge. I got off a couple good shots, but my lack of commitment cost me good positioning and maybe even a kill or two. I was never able to fully recover from that crappy merge; I had a couple fighters pretty far outta position for two VERY important turns. As a result, many bothans died on those GR-75s.

    I take some comfort in the fact that most of the bothans were probably jerks.

    1. A whole race of Camel Joes? Smug, cooler-than thou jerks. The Empire did you a favor.

  3. Awesome! Yeah those ties fancy down bwings 1-1 hsd he lot still to go south real quick. I'm also really bad at not getting run over by epic sized ships!

    Great storytelling as well, - I love blogging and reading about X-wing, it's just much cinematic than 40k.