Saturday, March 12, 2016

What's in the Box?

I've been down with Nurgle's "Death-Flu Blessings" for the last two weeks, no fun at all. Time to play catch-up.

A little while ago the UPS dropship delivered a rather large box on my doorstep. Big enough for a least seven Gwyneth Paltrow sized heads (or Willian Shatner if you prefer). In it are...
 More boxes! From distant England, my Warlord Titan has arrived. The red boxes contain the Warlord's legs and torso.The white boxes contain the Warlord's head, shoulder Turbolasers, and a pair of Volcano Cannons.  In the boxes are bags. Lots of bags.
That is just one of the large red boxes. The second one is filled with very big parts.
Nice box art.

A far cry from the blurry two sheet photocopy that served as a rough assembly guide for my Warhound Titan, the Warlord's Construction Guide is a slick full-color book using the CAD drawings.
That is a lot of parts for just the legs and torso. All the sub-kits have a similar guide. It is really well though out and implemented. 
I did an inventory of all the parts the night I received the Titan, two hours later I discovered I was missing a part from the head. Thank the Emperor for a complete parts breakdown. I emailed Forge World and the replacement was on it's way. Fast and friendly customer service. Thanks lads!
This will be  a massive undertaking, but my Enginseer staff assures me it will be glorious. I'm in the middle of (another) Dark Angel expansion and upgrade, but the Warlord shall rise after that project is complete in a month or so.

The God-Machine Protects
With really nice resin


  1. Hi, check out my handy guide for constructing yours at Titan Owners Club blog under the resources tab, or straight to my blog Weemen, for handy hints and tips on the superstructure construction.

    Great stuff, enjoy the build!

  2. Looking forward to this build!

    P.s. Siphs guide is very, very useful.

  3. Siphs guide is excellent! This will be a good build. Thanks for the support!