Friday, May 8, 2015

Size Matters

Thanks for joining us for part II of Gargant History Month. A collaboration with Pete's blog,  In the Grim Cheapness of the Future, wherein he is building a 40K sized Great Gargant. 

How big would a Great gargant be in 40K? Let's have a look at the current state of walking Orky war machines. The plastic Stompa was released for 40K followed by a new plastic Deff Dread kit that is a bit bigger than the older metal one. Recently the Gorkanaut (or Morkanaut) was unleashed, a brand new walker, about the mass of a Land Raider. This sound familiar? 

Yuuup. The Gorkanaut is about the size the Epic scale Stompa was in relation to ye olde Land Raider. 
So what does that really make the 40K Stompa? A Gargant? Mostly, yes. It's not like the Orks have a hard and fast rule about specific nomenclature of the classification of war machines. Dreads get bigger until some ladz just start calling 'em Gargants. Fine. How does this help figure out how big the Great Gargant should be? I'm glad I asked me that. To the comparison pictures!
Scale is a funny thing in a fictional universe. Even funnier in a miniatures game, where looks trump accuracy every time, not to mention manufacturing needs. So we are after the right "feel" for a Great Gargant next to its contemporaries on the battlefield.

The Warhound is about 10" tall (more if it had better posture). Forge World's Reaver Titan is 16". I would put a Great Gargant's head around the 20" tall mark, anywhere between 18"-24" really. There are homemade Gargants well over three feet tall. I'm not sure the Mega-Gargant would be that tall. Imperial and Eldar Titans are tall and lean, Ork engines have lots of solid bulk to them, so a 20"-24" tall Gargant will be a massive presence on the field, as it should be, but not so large that it doesn't "feel" right. As long as it is bigger than a Reaver, and comparable to a Warlord it will be fine.

 Next week: GUNZ, GUNZ, and other shooty bitz.

'Ere We Go!
Biggest is Always Rightest


  1. I'd say the reaver is probably your best approximation of scale, with the warlord being appropriate to the mega. I remember the helsreach battle between the emperor class and the mega remarking that he was so gigantic, his guns were higher then the walls of the hive city, and when it fired it was like rain in a thunderstorm.

  2. The plastic stompa is more sized to look like a Mekgargant IMHO.
    Nice to see all this old stuff in the day light!