Friday, August 8, 2014

Showdown at DS9

On the night before Comic Con what should you do? Check the schedule? Wait in line for hall "H"?

No! It's time to drink rum and play games! Fellow Warlord Pete was in town for the con and hanging out at Fortress Blackheart, so we decided to play a epic 250 point Star Trek Attack Wing battle.

Destroy the station was the mission, and to give us more maneuver room we played on a 4'x 6' battlefield.
250 points is getting close to the upper limit of an Attack Wing game, purely due to large number of cards and tokens to keep track of. Actual game time did not increase by that much, a testament to the cleanness of the FlightPath system.

Pete took five solid ships chock full of upgrades, and a well equipped DS9.
I didn't take two Jem'Hadar battleships, but I did really think about it. My fleet consisted of the Jem'hadar Battlecruiser, 4 attack ships, a Keldon, a Galor, the Hediki fighters, and a Breen Cruiser to round out the Dominion multicultural Battle Fleet of Doom. It took two turns to get into phaser range, but the fireworks was worth it.
The battle raged hot for two more turns, but Pete's ship were unable to support each other well and couldn't finish off cripples. The end result was all my ship took a good amount of damage, but I only lost three. Four out five Federation ships were destroyed. The end came swiftly for DS9 as the Dominion fleet closed in around it.
The the sole surviving Federation ship, Defiant, took out the Breen Cruiser, but it wasn't enough to save DS9 from a torrent of fire.

It was a very enjoyable game and went smoothly. The only complaint that both of us had was DS9 was not tough enough. It needs some additional special rules to give it some more bite. One thing we are going to try out is having DS9 be able to always fire its primary weapon in addition to any torpedoes it fires, at the same or a different target.  

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  1. It definitely didn't help that my deployment around the station made for a very pretty start, but a nightmare of bumps and crashes once it was time to start moving.

    Blowing half my dice rolls didn't make things much better.

    Thank God we were only playing the mirror universe version ...

  2. Typical Starfleet lackey. Can't handle alcohol that didn't come out of a replicator.