Friday, August 22, 2014

On the Bench

Our planned start of the Sanctus Reach Campaign has been pushed back due to work schedules. A funny thing about The Atomic Warlords, we all work in the entertainment industry, or are software developers (or whatever the term is this week). This makes finding time for the toy soldiers a bit challenging most days.

The upside of this delay is I am working away at painting models for the campaign. I finished up Grukk Face-Rippa and a trio of mega-nobs with killsaws, and I am about to embark on painting three Knights and twenty five stormtroopers. I have always said, events are a great way to gain some project focus. For an encore, I am going to paint my Cadians, who have been languishing in a primed state for years.

The (current) plan is to start on September 6th, and run a mission every week. I've no doubt life will intervene some, but we will adapt. This means it will be three months before the Space Wolves get involved. I'm sure Jeff, our Space Wolf player, will use the time to paint up all his shiny new models.

The Emperor Protects
When he has the time

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  1. I agree. Our last big campaign really made me sit down and do a ton of work on my Tyranids.

    That was, what... three years ago?

    I need to paint some more.