Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Space Army, Quick Look

Three name changes and six or seven books later we have the new Army/Guard/Militarum codex. Of course there never was a Imperial Army Codex, but they had army lists in the Rogue Trader Expansion books, right next to the Space Ork Raiders and Space Elves.
The new book is a little light on fluff but has lots of pretty pictures. So what does this new fangled hardcover do for us Guard players? Plenty of good and a bit of bad. I have yet to get a game in with the new book (I hope for this weekend) but as a Panzer enthusiast, the new Tank commander HQ makes me happy.

Let's get the bad out of the way. Maybe not so much bad, as missing:
Yeah, Marbo is hidden so well he is not in the codex. Al'rahem, Chenko, Kamir, and Bastone are all also M.I.A. The Medusa, Colossus, and Griffon are absent as well. The rumors are already starting that a few of the characters are coming back, notably Marbo. Strange that we only lost characters and didn't gain any new ones.

The nice new Hydra kit has lame rules. Giving it interceptor would have made it too powerful for the points, but not being able turn off Skyfire to shoot at ground targets is dumb. As is the loss of it's auto-targeting systems to deny bikes and skimmers their jink save.

I am in favor of the cost increase and carrying decrease of the Vendetta, it was far too cheap and good. The changes to the Stormtroopers (aside from the name change) and the new models make me very happy.

I'm sure something else will jump out and surprise me after a few games, but overall I'm happy with the minor rule tweaks. I really like the new and useful orders and the flexibility of where you can attach your Commissars.

The Emperor Protects
But Marbo is Behind You!


  1. Yeah I don't hate it...So it must be ok!

  2. No Marbo? Seriously? :(

    If they just give alternate rules for him in White Dwarf ("I am a detatchment of one..."), that'd be fine, but I'll be really annoyed if it they're pulling characters out of the Codex just to sell more dataslates.

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. "I'm sure something else will jump out and surprise me after a few games"
    Nah, the removed Marbo :)