Friday, April 25, 2014

Da Borgs

The big cyber-zombie baddies are here for Star Trek Attack Wing. And they don't disappoint. So we gave them a test drive. One Borg Sphere o' Fear fully equipped came to a cool 80 points. I took a firepower heavy Fed fleet. It was almost close.

The Borg do come with a slew of special rules, all fit well into the game without bogging down at all. The Captains have a neat system where they start with a number of drones, 4 for the 3 point Captain and 1 for the 0 point one. Your Captain level is equal to the number of drone tokens on the Captain's cards. The Drones can be spent for attack re-rolls and the Assimilation action card in this set, I'm sure more fun ways to spend drones are coming.

The Borg Sphere moves in a novel way: No turns. You may only change direction by 90 or 180 degrees by the Spin maneuver; you rotate the ship 90 or 180 then make your move with the straight template. Nice and easy, but makes for interesting play.

Sphere 4270 is 40 points of evil. Attack 6, Shields and hull 7. No evade. Target lock, scan and regenerate for actions.

Rule one when fighting the Borg, do not let them get to range one if they have a tractor beam, or FSM help you, a tractor beam and a cutting beam. Yes of course I made that mistake. The Nebula was turned into a cloud of plasma in one turn. Sigh. Let's talk about the highlights of the upgrade cards.
The Borg Tractor Beam is an action at range one, the victim gets two shields disabled and if cloaked, immediately un-cloaks and raises it's shields minus two. Then if the target ship is still alive, next turn it can only pick a 1 or 2 maneuver. 7 Points

The Cutting Beam: Range one attack. 10 dice. The Borg has to have the target in a Borg Tractor Beam, and then the card is disabled. 8 points.

Ablative Hull Armor:10 points, absorbs 4 damage cards before being discarded.

Feedback Pulse: A nasty dirty trick for 8 points. You declare you are using it before any dice are rolled, then half the hits are put on the firing ship, you take no hits and get an Aux Power marker.

Assimilation Tubules: 8 point action. Range 1-2 and costs one Drone. You get to steal a crew, equipment, or weapon upgrade. Fun times.  

Seven of Nine: 4 point Crew, disable to gain 2 drones, up to your max.

The Borg are good addition for Attack Wing, I look forward to the Tactical Cube in June, that should be a hell of a thing.

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  2. Voyager and the Defiant had similar luck against the Clear Sphere of Fear in our household. Voyager died really fast (to conventional weapons, not the cutting beam). The Defiant held on for a few more turns, but then it got caught by the tractor beam and couldn't get away...

    (and I hate that the only way to edit is to write a new post...)