Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Armageddon PC Unit teasers

Many, many more units to come. Including "The smaller Titans and Stompas" No other game details yet other than it is a new hex based game engine. I really enjoy Panzer Corps, so I have faith this will be good. Even though Blood Angels currently cannot take Ironclad Dreadnoughts or Land Speeder Storms, it makes sense to me that they would have access to those units. More information as it is released.

The Emperor Protects


  1. I don't recall getting access to the Rapier Laser Destroyer either.

  2. This is also true. Once upon a 3rd edition the Blood Angels did, way back when there was a metal model for it. Tarantula gun platforms too.

  3. Oh, thank God. I was worried I might be productive next year...