Friday, June 28, 2013

Giant Tyranid Monsters All Out Attack!

I may have borrowed the title a bit from Godzilla movies. I know I am now in the minority of 40K players; those who want a good scenario over making "The Unbeatable List of the Day". That's fine, I'm done with the tournament scene, I just want a entertaining battle. Not all battles have to be balanced. History has few of them. So here is my first installment of new missions in that vein.

The Mission
Choosing forces: 
The defender must take only 1 HQ and 2+ fortifications. No fliers or super heavies. No other FOC requirements.

Tyranid Attacker may only take monstrous or gargantuan creatures. Up to six Spore Mine Clusters may be purchased.  

The defender sets up first on one of the short table sides. Fortifications must be set up within 24" of the short edge. At least 25% of the defenders units must be set up within 24" of the opposite short table edge. The remaining units may be set anywhere on the table. 

The attacker places all units on the attackers short table edge. Normal reserve rules apply.
Roll a D6, 1-4 the attacker goes first, 5 or 6 the defender has the first turn.

The first turn counts as night fighting due to dense Tyranid spore clouds used to mask the attacking forces.

Game Length:
The Tyranids have six turns to destroy as much as possible.

Victory Conditions:
The Tyranids are here to make a rupture in the line for follow-on forces to exploit. The Tyranids score 5 VPs for the HQ unit, 3 VP for Heavies/Fortifications, 2 VP for Elites, and 1 VP for all others. They also get VPs equal to the number of starting wounds on any monstrous/gargantuan creatures that end the game within 18" of the Defenders short table edge.

The Defender gets VPs equal to the number of wounds on any monstrous/gargantuan creatures they kill. No VP are scored for spore mines. If playing with with the variant, then 1 VP per unit.

Allow the Tyranid player to take Gargoyles and/or Raveners (must deep strike), and Lictors.
The Guard player may take one Baneblade, must enter from reserve.

The victory conditions probably need a little tweaking. As we try this mission a few more times I will adjust accordingly. Feel free to add any insight/questions below.

The Emperor Protects
But you must be Worthy of it

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