Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carnage-Asda '13

The annual Atomic Warlords' kill fest & BBQ was held on Memorial Day again this year. This year this points total was lower than normal as we tried out a custom scenario named "Giant Tyranid Monsters All Out Attack". That mission description will be in the next post. 

Imperial Guard, Defender: I had a Command HQ, a Tech Priest Fun-gineer with his pals, three Leman Russ MBT, three rifle squads & two fire support squads of valiant Guardsmen. Plus a Hydra, Basilisk, and three nice forts behind my defensive line.
Out in front of the line three more Leman Russ, four rifle squads and six Sentinels awaited the onslaught. 
And on the other side of the table was every big 'Nid Mrs. Blackheart could muster. Barbed Heridoule, Swarmlord, 2+ Tyrant, Flying Tyrant, a pair of Trygons, a Maloc, a Tyrannofex, Old One Eye and five of his Carnifex buddies. Good thing I had all those lasguns. 
Tyranids went first and things went bad for the Guard straight away. Some good shooting from the  Heridoule killed one tank and stunned another one. A pair of on-target shots from the Tyrannofex erased the Basilisk. Mr. Eye ate a hapless rifle squad.
My turn demonstrated that if you roll enough dice even lasguns are dangerous. The Lascannons and Battle cannons did pitch in. No kills but a large number of wounds dealt to the rampaging swarm. 

Turn two saw only the flying tyrant show up out of reserves, but another tank, two rile squads, and half the Sentinels were taken off the table. My shooting phase could have been better. I had the "Lots of Hits, no Wound Blues." Still I managed to drop a Carnifex and bring the Heridoule to the brink of death.

Then turn three happened. both Trygons and the Maloc show right were the cunning hive mind wanted them.
I lost my Tank Ace and his Vanquisher to the Maloc, and lots of guardsmen to the Trygons zapping. I killed the non-prime Trygon, wounded the Prime, and failed to stop the Barbed Heridoule. Turn Four was to be the end.
A very fun game despite the guard getting crushed. It is a scenario I want to try again. Both sides are off balance, the Tyranids have the power, but not many units, so each loss hurts. The Guard have many fragile units and heaps of firepower, but have to really work on focusing it. 

Thanks to all who could attend, and a special thanks to Dan who made an excellent carne asada after being volunteered to BBQ.

The Great Devourer Feeds!
With chips and salsa

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