Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, God-Emperor

September 29, ? The Emperor of Man is born. We don't know his name, we don't know what year, but we remember the date. Or we did back when Games Workshop put out the awesome 2002 Calendar.
Is it canon? Doesn't matter. it is a great reason to have a big game and cake!

We tried a narrative mission this time. The Imperial forces on Zircon IV are having a parade in honor of His birthday. All is going well until the fell forces of Chaos show up.

3,000 points per side. Matt brought Blood Angels, Gillian and Jeff commanded the Imperial guard. Pete's renegade guardsmen and cultist where backed up by my World Eaters.

The Imperials started out in a vulnerable position, but only the renegades were on the table to oppose them.
Turn two saw a disturbance in the warp and only three out of eight World Eater units showed up. Not good.
A bunch of Blood Angel Assault troops arrived dead on target and took it to the cult and renegades.
On turn three, a handful more World Eaters showed up. And so did the rest of the Imperials.

After a very good shooting turn for the Imperial lap-dogs the writing was on the wall. We called the game after four turns in favor of the Imperium. Then there was BBQ and birthday cake.
A fun game, I would like to try it again after the new Chaos codex comes out next week.
Which will lead to my next batch of modeling and painting madness.

The Emperor Protects
Especially on His Birthday


  1. Too cool! All hail the God-Emperor!

  2. I for one am stunned --stunned--that cultists vs. tanks turned out so poorly.