Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Dark Vengeance Unboxing

"You hate authority but like gas masks and cloaks? Well my fiend, the life of a henchman is perfect for you!"
The +4 big box of plastic krak arrived at my door yesterday evening. It did not disappoint.

The 40K box set have always been something special, all the way back to the 2nd edition. This time out we get two forces that have yet to headline, the fell forces of Chaos, and near and dear to me, The Dark Angels.

I spent last night putting the models together. All went smoothly, I used just a bit glue to keep them in place, but this is not at all necessary. Except for the Chaplain, he has to be glued. Cutting the models off the frames was a bit dicey in a few cases, due to a couple of long thin parts; the Dark Angel Captain's sword & head come to mind.

I have played Dark Angels since they were black. We will be getting to my collection once the new Codex comes out. I will happily add these the new figures to my army.

The Chaos models are damn nice as well. The huge Hellburte, The Chaos Lord and his six chosen buddies are all great additions.

But the most welcome is of course the cultists. A missing element from the game for a long while now. Important to the fluff, lots of fun for a campaign, and all around fodder, it is great to have them return in grand style. Hopefully the cultists box set will become a reality.

We are going to play thought the six missions that came with the set, just for fun. I'll report on that soon.

The Emperor Protects


  1. Damn it, I want my box of krak to show up!!

  2. "You're going to have to talk to Henchmen Resources..."