Wednesday, December 28, 2011

League Players & Missions

The sides have been chosen, scenarios picked, now it is time to turn it up and see who is going down.

We will have a League Day, High noon January 15th, 2012  to start the mayhem.

The Commanders:
Farseer Gillian-      Eldar
Harbinger Jeff-       Dark Eldar
Tyrant Pete-            Tyranids
Shas’o Matt-           Tau
Warlord Marcus-    Orks

The League Battle Scenarios page has been updated to list all of the Missions in detail.

Battle One
Mission: Cleanse
Deployment: Spearhead

Jeff vs.Pete
Gillian vs.Matt
Marcus Mission skip

Battle Two
Mission: Recon
Deployment: Spearhead

Jeff vs. Marcus
Gillian vs.Pete
Matt Mission skip

Battle Three
Mission: Take and Hold
Deployment: Dawn of War

Gillian vs. Marcus
Matt vs.Pete
Jeff Mission skip

Battle Four
Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Matt vs. Marcus
Gillian vs. Jeff
Pete Mission skip

Battle Five
Mission: Seek & Destroy
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Pete vs. Marcus
Matt vs. Jeff
Gillian Mission skip

Due to all of our scheduling crazyness the battles do not have to be played in order. For example if Pete showed up and Matt and I were available, Pete could play his Battle Five and then Battle Three.

When all the battles have been played we will move on to Round Two, and everyone will be allowed to change their list up.

Just over two weeks to go, now it is time for some work-up games!
Should we post our army lists? I enjoy seeing other players ideas and lists, so I think so. Let's hear your thoughts on this and we will decide by the kickoff date.


  1. I don't know about actual lists, but it might be interesting to hear the reasoning behind some lists, especially since we all know what we're not going to be going up against. Y'know, like in White Dwarf when the battle report guys get a paragraph or three to say "I know Jeff loves bringing X,so I've got plenty of Y and a Z to deal with that."

  2. And I just want to point out that my captcha for that last post as ALCults.


  3. As in Al's Friendly Cult of the Four Armed Emperor? Locations near you!