Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Red on Red on Red

The last big battle we had before Nurgle's Plague locked us in was a nice little Apocalypse battle: Blood Angels vs. Eldar vs. World Eaters. Three armies enter, one army wins!

Obviously, the battle was a total slugfest. The Blood Angles and World Eaters went straight at each other. This worked to the Eldar's advantage, but they took losses as well.
The fury of the World Eaters was something to behold, but charging headlong into two different armies was too much, even for them. They did score the most points for destroyed units, so Khorne is pleased.

The Blood Angles pair of Land Raiders, Stormraven and Knight allies were a handful, but the World Eaters wore them down and the Eldar Super Heavies took them out.

At the end of Turn Five, the Eldar had an unassailable lead, the Blood Angels only had a couple of units left, and the World Eaters had been wiped out. Eldar victory this day.

It was a great time for all. We do love the new Apocalypse rules, it truly is a excellent version of Epic, and I bet would play very nicely with 6mm figures. It would be really nice if 9th Edition of 40K took a similar turn structure. It makes the game so much more interactive, and removes the advantage of the first player. 

Next up: My World Eaters redone for 8th edition.

Stay Safe and Roll Some Dice
And Keep Proper Social Unit Cohesion

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  1. Nice report! It inspires me to build up my Raven Guard and... well... since we're all inside now, I'm kinda running out of excuses.

    Also, at work some of us have referred to social distancing as "staying out of melee range". You're welcome.