Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Poxwalker Outbreak

It's time for a good old fashion Halloween zombie brawl. 90PL of Death Guard (with so, so many Poxwalkers) versus a rag-tag group of Imperial Guard and a squad of Blood Angel Devastators.

The odds were against Typhus' horde of undead from the beginning. The setup was not at all favorable to the slow moving zombies, with a 24" gap between forces. Still they came on.
There was a clash of the armored forces on my left flank, with the tankers of the Guard coming out on top.
The huge horde (100+) of Poxwalkers was an intimidating sight as they shambled across the field. The buffs they received from Typhus and the other characters made it all the more worrying.
Just a few of the annoyingly had to put down Poxwalkers can tie up a unit so the following waves of undead can surge forward.

Unfortunately we had to call the battle early, but it was a good game, and the sight of so many zombies is something to be experienced.

The Emperor Protects
But Send More Flamers

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