Friday, April 13, 2018

Kaiju Crushing

It was time to try out the Knights vs. Tyranid Monsters battle again. We each made two lists, one for Knights and one for Tyranids, 100PL. We generated a mission using the Open War deck. I took the 'Nid Kaijus first and went up against a pair of Freeblades and their Blood Angel buddies in Land Raiders. One was the flying kind.

It was a rough game for my 'Nids. Old One eye was stupidly left out in front where he got erased on the first turn. I got fixated on killing the Stormraven, which I did, eventually, but it cost me. At the end of turn three I had killed a Land Raider and the Stormraven, did a bunch of damage to the other Land Raider and a Knight, but I was all out of monsters. Imperial victory.

We then flipped sides but kept the same mission and set-up. I brought my full Terryn Household of four Knights, led by a Baron. Thank you Chapter Approved! I thought I would be bold and set up as far forward as I could, since I knew I would be going first. Unless the foul Xenos stole the initiative. Which of course is what happened.

Never before have I seen so much carnage happen on the first turn. It was spectacular. I had two Knights badly damaged, but killed over half of the Tyranids. At the end of the second Turn the 'Nids only had two Warriors left on the field. Knights win!
The extra attack combined with the relic Reaver Chainsword (and some good dice) enabled the Baron to tear through the Tyranid monstrosities like it was his job. Which, I guess it is, so, good. We found ourselves wishing the Tyranids had something the Knight-class of big beastie. One can hope...

A fun way to play some quick 40K with high points, low model counts and big action. We will try some different force combinations next. Ork Stompa mob? Eldar cheese-storm? Tau big suits! It'll be good gaming.

 The Emperor Protects
A Twenty Foot Chainsaw Helps Too.


  1. Did either of you try out a Trygon against the Knights?

  2. Yes indeed. We both took took one Trygon. One got hit and finished off by overwatch (Thermal Cannon).

    In the other game, Mr Trygon successfully got into close combat and did a good amount of damage, but then was hacked into tiny bits by the Knight's retort.

    1. Friggin' thermal cannons...

      (note to self--build new traitor knight with two thermal cannons)