Friday, September 22, 2017

Just Call Me Mr. Butterfingers

I have a problem. Well, lots of them, but we don't have time for that right meow.
Recently I have become a huge fan of ink washes and texture paints. Citadel knows of my needs and started making them in larger paint pots. Which is great, except for they can be a bit unstable.
 I'm just not used to the taller bottles, I have been knocking them over with alarming frequency.  They are very easily tipped over with the lids flipped up.
This doesn't really matter with the texture paints as they are far too thick to spill any material in a reasonable time frame. Like, hours if not days. This is not true of the ink washes. I have knocked over the tall bottles and spilled a whole bunch of ink. Several times. I only had to re-paint two figs, but used a lot of paper towels.

I needed a way to minimize the damage. If only I had some kind of wide base to put the bottles in...

My lovely and talented wife, Mrs. Blackheart, has recently purchased a 3D printer-bot. She is rapidly progressing on its use. I explained my problem and proposed my solution to her and within a few hours she gave me this:
It works great! The new base provides enough stability to prevent a glancing blow from knocking over the top heavy bottles. The day (and ink) is saved!

3D Printer Servitors Are Your Friends
Surely They Will Never Rise Up and Kill Us All. 

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