Friday, November 11, 2016

This Far, No Further

Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Vets. The work on My Warlord goes slowly now that I am in the painting stage. So many small pipes, and I haven't even gotten to the gold trim. Which I know is going to...challenge my persistence. New Pics next week.

I recently played a four player Star trek Attack Wing mission, First Contact. Each player brings a 120 point squadron and together they must stop the Borg Cube, which is run by a deck of cards.

I brought three Federation heavies, Enterprise E, Thunderchild, and Prometheus. There was another Fed player (Defiant, Hood, and Yeager), a Klingon (3x Vor'Cha) and a Romulan (3x Reman Warbirds).

The Borg attacks can be devastating. Normally it will make four attacks, one each at the closest ships.  The attack strength is determined by the action card that is drawn for the Cube each turn, usually between 6-8, with a 10 in there for fun. Some cards change up who gets attacked, and sometimes everyone get attacked. Once the Cube's shields are knocked down the Borg Sphere is launched and heads toward the edge of the table. If it exits the players all lose, as history is changed and all is Borg.
We did really well. That is, until we lost four ships in one turn. The Sphere was stopped short of the map edge, but all the Romulans went with it. All three Klingon ships went out in a blaze of point-blank glory, but did a huge amount of damage.

It came down to the wire. On the second to last turn, the Hood, Defiant, and the last Klingon were blown away, and the Prometheus reduced to two hull points. Good dice favored me next turn and the Enterprise did just enough damage to finish off the Cube.

It is a fun mission, but I feel it could use some tweaks. Like the Borg Cube doesn't move at all, and a bit more variety in who it attacks, and maybe some special attacks as well. I'll write up a revised mission and post it here later.

Go Roll Some Dice
And Don't Forget When You Are Cloaked

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