Friday, June 24, 2016

Dread Mob Attack

Time for an old fashioned BattRep. I brought 3K of Orky Dread Mob fun. A Stompa, MegaDread, Gorkanaut, four Dreads, and six Kans, backed up by a bunch of boyz in trukks with some air cover to boot.
On the other side of the table was a bunch of jerks all in red: Blood Angels and Eldar. They also brought a bunch of walker types. Matt's Blood Angels bringing five dreadnoughts of all flavors, and Mrs. Blackheart had two Wraithlord, and a Wraithknight. Of course they took non-walkers as well.  It wasn't a boing battle.
It was one of those classic "I'm totally winning!" for the first two turns kinda games. Both sides dice where a bit on the cold side, but I was doing far more damage than I was taking, and raking in the victory points via tactical objectives. My Stompa had only taken one damage point. It looked like this would be a swift game.
Then three happened. My dice took a nap. I drew terrible objectives. Missed two charges. Spilled my drink.
The Eldar-Marine Alliance had no such issues. The Wraithknight dropped my Stompa with some fantastic shooting. The Gorkanaut and Megadread also blew up this turn. I thought I could still rally and pull this out.
I did alright. Killed off a Terminator squad and a Wraithlord. The Elar and marines quickly put an end to thoughts of victory by wiping everyone but my tankbustas off the table.
Phoenix Lords. Very good at breaking things. We called it at the end of turn five. Orks 8, Eldar/Blood Angels 12. A fun game with some unique army lists.

Next up: Time to talk about turn structure.

Stomp Them All!
Wait, where did they get so many Fusion Guns?

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