Friday, August 7, 2015

Knights vs. Kaiju, Round One

1750 points, Tyranid Kaiju list vs. my Baronial Lance. Sadly, it all went wrong for the 'Nids.
The heavy firepower of the Knights is to be expected, but one would think once the surviving Tyranids got into hand to hand they would do some good damage. Not even close. It was a disappointing battle for both sides.

This battle did point out just how much the Tyranids have lost in anti-tank capabilities. Just the one (huge) change to monstrous creatures losing the extra D6 on the penetration roll is crippling. But add the lessening of Rend, and the complete lack of high AP weapons and there is really not much of a chance for the Tyranids to beat The Knights, or any army that has a few AV.13 or better walkers or tanks.
More Tyranids need to be able to take some kind of Armourbane. Tygons, Tyrannofex, and the Hive Tyrant have to be able to beat up a Land Raider, or a Knight in Hand to Claw/Tentacle combat. We are going to try a house rule or two and see how that goes. I just want the monstrous creatures to be monsters again.

The Emperor Protects
Sometimes by Editing His Foes


  1. Even just reverting to the 6th Ed Smash Rules (1/2 Attacks, rounding up, before any additional) helps a lot. Might be worth making Smash Attacks AP1 as well.

    Nids do need at least a couple of decent AT guns, tho. At least bring Hive Guard back to BS4, and something good done with the Heavy Venom Cannon (my choice for the HVC is to ditch the Blast and make it Assault 4)

  2. Carnifexes can take crushing claws, which gets them armour bane [and str 10] (some of the other nids can take them as well), and also do D3 hammer of wraths at str 9 (if you give them crushing claws), which is enough to seriously damage a knight before it gets to swing. (no shield vs that).