Friday, March 27, 2015

Daphne's Dragoons

A while ago I finished up a trio of Valkyries, now I have some proper troops to put in them. I have always liked collecting forces in thematic detachments. The fluff for the stormtroopers (or whatever the High Gothic name is for them) was further improved with their mini-codex, so I had to build a airmobile platoon of them.

They are led by Commissar Lord Daphne, (one of only two female Imperial Guard figures GW made) and the HQ squad, Alpha cozy in their Valkyrie Vendetta.

Beta and Gamma squads each have a fully tricked out Valkyrie Gunship, making this detachment a nice 1125 points. Next week they shall undertake a mission in the Sanctis Reach Campaign, just them dropping in on some Orks. Should be fun.  
The Emperor Protects
"This is Romeo Foxtrot, Shall We Dance?"

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