Friday, February 6, 2015

The Fall of House Kestren

Meanwhile, back on Sanctus Reach, Mission 3 is underway. The Knights reckless headlong charge into the invading Orks is at its end. The good news: the Knights have reached Grukk's grounded flagship. The bad news: The Knights are overextended and surrounded. And Grukk has a Stompa.

The mission starts with all the Imperial Forces on the table and the Orks "only" have a Stompa. Said Stompa did four hull points to the Knight Errant and turned two Chimeras into swiss cheese.
The Guard and Knights had some very fine shooting with most weapons hitting. Mrs. Blackheart's rum-fueled force field prevented most of the damage. So many hits so little damage! A very disappointing shooting phase led to the assault phase. The Knight Errant made a 10" assault into the Stompa and tore into it. Sadly the Stompa still had one HP left and dispatched the damaged Errant.

Even with a -1 to her reserve rolls the Orks arrived en masse and outflanked us. Once again we were too close to the table edges and paid dearly for the mistake.
I'm beginning to really hate Tankbustas
Big Hugga just wants to hug.
Needless to say it went horribly wrong. Deff Dreads everywhere, and those damn tankbustas well within charge range. The Orks shooting was predictable Orky, with no losses on the Imperials side. The Assault phase was also very Orky, with high losses for the the Knights and Guard.
Yep. Hate Them.
The Paladin was taken out in frenzy of tankbusta bombz, and I lost a Leman Russ to a very grabby Deff Dread. On my turn I was able to put down the Stompa,but was far too late to save this game for the Imperials. Turn 3 was the end for us. I was left with my HQ Vanquisher and a few Guardsmen on foot surrounded by Boyz. Final score Orks 11, Imperials 5.
I don't know what's going on, but I'm sure it's illegal.
Had we paid the slightest bit of attention to the possibility of being overwhelmed by jerks using outflank we would have put up a better fight. As it was the battle captured the feeling over being overextended and then cut off. A fun game, if a quick one.

Smash the 'umnies!
Orks:2, Imperials:1


  1. Ouchies for the Imperials!
    Go Xenos!

    Very funny batrep. Thanks fer the lolz.