Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Not only is it Halloween, but also my wedding anniversary. The lovely Mrs. Blackheart gave me an awesome present, Imperial Armour Volume XIII: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned with the nifty slipcase.
 I'm not going into the whole FW vs. GW thing here, but damn, some days it seems that Forge World "gets" 40K so much more than the studio guys. If you are a Chaos player and like tanks and tank-like things then Xmas came early.

A mid sized book for FW, it still comes in at 208 big full color pages. Chaos Astartes tanks, assault vehicles, and super heavies, including all your Heresy favorites, Fellblade, Sicaran and more.

All the things that fly and walk plus a Renegade & Heretic army list.
The book is full of FW's great artwork and fluff. It is really nice to have all of the Chaos vehicles in one book and the update to the Renegade army is well done. I highly recommend it.

Let the Galaxy Burn
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  1. That's fantastic. Happy Anniversary, in case I forgot to say it last night. :)