Friday, February 21, 2014

The Plastic Knight Rises

That is a hell of a thing. Even though the rumors broke a few days ago I never thought I would be holding a White Dwarf magazine looking at the new plastic Imperial Knights for 40K. WD #4 is worth picking up for all the pretty pics of the knights and the awesome decal sheet that comes with the kit. And for a mere $20 there is another huge sheet with lots more (different) beautiful decals.

The rules are brief and to the point. Two versions: Paladin and Errant. The Knights can be taken as a primary detachment of 3-6 or as a allied detachment of 1-3.

Interestingly, no mention of a codex. I find it hard to believe this is just a crazy awesome one off. Dare we dream this is the vanguard of a Mechanicus Codex? My bank account suddenly cried out in terror.
If this is the fruit of a weekly GW release schedule no longer tied to the One Big Release, I could not be happier. Odds and ends of various armies showing up just because the studio thought it would be fun to do them? Yes please.

The Emperor Protects
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