Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thunderhawk Flight Stand

By popular demand we are going to make the Thunder Hawk Flight stand available for purchase. I've had a T-hawk for many years now, but have had the problem of trying to use it in a game, it is so damn big and heavy there was no way a little flight stand would support it, and a big stand would have a huge base. When I heard Escalation was on the way I knew this was the Thunderhawk's time to shine.

Mrs. Blackheart and I sat down and cranked out a couple of prototypes, then drafted the current design in Autocad. The final version is made out of  everybody's favorite  thermoplastic  polycarbonate, Lexan! So it is very strong, won't shatter like Plexiglass and as an added bonus is (mostly) bulletproof. The downside being it is more expensive and a bit of a pain to work with.

Each stand is hand made with the help of a computer-controlled cutting servitor and available in two colors: Smoke and Clear.
It is very stable and strong. Takes a surprisingly small footprint on the table, the crossbar is high enough that most Marines will fit under it. And it can be yours for the low, low price of $90.00, and that includes free shipping anywhere in the U.S. Overseas shipping will be extra.
It will arrive as you see here, having been test fitted. It holds together great without any glue, but feel free to put a few drops to be sure. We will be making them to order, so it will take a week or so to get it in the mail. Don't let your Thunderhawk sit on the sidelines anymore! Get one today!

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The Emperor Protects
With Lexan


  1. Although awe-inspiring, "thermoplastic carbonate" is NOT my new porn-name.

  2. The emperor endorses poly carbonate it will not brake and if all else fails its has a plus 5 save aganist bullets.

  3. Do you still offer T-Hawk stands? If so I will be ordering one within a week. Thank you