Monday, May 27, 2013

Well, that escalated quickly

So I was at a local game store picking up June's White Dwarf when I was approached by a fellow gamer who asked me what I thought of the new Eldar Wraithknight. ''Impressive," I said, being a person seeking to revitalize my Ulthwe army.

Mr. gamer then launches into a tirade about how he will use three to destroy all that oppose him. I nod and get into line to make my purchase and escape. Now gamer #2 enters the one sided conversation and decries the Wraithknight as totally overpowered and will ruin the game. This is still seven days before the Codex will be released, so it's stats and how it will really do on the field are yet to be seen.

Facts aside, these are good points. A near Titan level unit as a regular heavy choice. Scary. But will it be the auto-win unit? I somehow don't think so. No more than a Blood Angles army made of deep striking Land raiders. Good once, but then you are just a expensive one trick pony vulnerable to melta weapons.

Regardless of how the Wraithknight performs it is a good looking model and I suspect I will wind up with two in my house; one in black and bone for me and a red and black for Mrs. Blackheart.

I do think 40K is moving a bit further toward being a shooting heavy game. For me the real test will be how they handle the Tyranids and Orks.

The Emperor Protects
He just needs to provide a plastic Reaver Titan


  1. Damn funny! Should've seen it coming but was paying attention. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. So 3 of them in an army are autowin??? That's maybe 900-1000 points that the opponent isn't going to use somehow??? What if the opponent also has 3 Eldar Greater Dreadknights (I guess by default they will still win someone the game)???

  3. Yeah, Emperor, where is that plastic Titan? Come on!