Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tau, meet the Necrons

Wait, that building wasn't there a minute ago...
Tomb Lord Pete and I had a 2,000 point battle. It was his first go with the new Necron Codex, and I am still on my (newly-painted) Tau kick. It was a great clash of firepower.

Pete's really nice custom Cryptek.

The Tau had an outstanding first round of shooting and put down a Annihilation Barge and a squad of warriors. Both sides cautiously moved toward each other and the objectives while madly blasting away.

The line will advance!

Hammerhead. Still the king of anti-tank.
The Tau got the edge early and didn't let it go. The Necron numbers dwindled away under a hail of Tau firepower. Both commanders still managed to meet by one of the objectives for a showdown.
Clash of the close-combat impaired!
Commander Farsight took down the Necron Overlord in a close fight on the last turn. A well fought battle, the dice favored the Tau on this day. I am looking forward to a rematch.

In honor of the Thanksgiving, November will be all about Khorne!

The Emperor Protects
Just not Xenos

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