Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Stab at Sixth

Three games into Sixth and the sky did not fall. The game is not ruined. I do wonder how many gamers did "get out for good", as many threatened.  We like it. All battles have been small (1000-1500 points) so no allies yest, but maybe this weekend. Here are just the quick hi-lights of the rule changes for us.

Snapfire: Sure you only have a 1 in 6 chance, but it is a lot better than nothing, and did prove useful a couple of times.
Pre-measuring: We all were a big fan of this, and seemed to speed up play a bit.

Hull Points: The curse of the unkillable vehicle is finally over! The tanks and such seem to have a shorter lifespan, but we are all okay with it. All of us have suffered the endless cycle of rolling a hit, a pen, and then getting a one on the damage table. Now every glance/pen counts. Also, the random weapon destroyed is much better that having your opponent always take the big gun first.

Psychic Powers: Having the choice between your standard codex powers and the BRB powers is nice, and there are some nice powers in the BRB.

Assault Phase: A bit more steps, but does flow nicely after you get it down. The Look Out Sir rule is fun and a good balance against having your characters lead from the front. Precision Strike(and Shot) are an excellent counter to the lone figure with a Power Fist/Klaw hiding in a squad. We have not yet tried out challenges, but soon. Hammer of Wrath is so much fun, and just "feels right" for the game and the units that have it.

Missions: We have only played two of the different missions so far, but the addition of secondary missions is most welcome.

Flyers, fortifications, and allies will be in our next batch of games.

Overall we really enjoy what Sixth Edition has brought us. No, no huge changes, lots of refinements. Many small things that give the game back some of it's flavor from long ago.

For a little while to come this will be a common scene, play halted and rule books open. But a least the book itself is laid out pretty well. Just waiting for the mini edition.

The Emperor Protects


  1. I've got to admit I've been dreading sixth edition (I just don't have time to learn a new game from the ground up), but the changes seem a lot more organic than some of the rumors first hinted.

    I really like the emphasis on characters. It does give the game much more of a narrative feel, and that sense of "heroic individuals."

  2. Thank the Emperor that all the really outlandish rumors turned out to be as false as Logar.