Friday, June 29, 2012

6th Edition Unwrapping

$75.00. 431 glossy color pages. 1 1/2" thick. And heavy enough it should have come with a kickstand.

Well the terrible time of rumors is finally over for now. I unwrapped my copy of the much anticipated Warhammer 40K, Sixth Edition rules about a half hour ago. It is beautiful, lots of new and old artwork. To be fair, some old art done in color and large sized. A few impressive gatefolds and a handy cat-inciting place holder ribbon.

It will take a bit to read and digest the rules to be sure. But here is what I gleaned in a quick thumb through.
Turn sequencing is the same, allies and flyers are in along with the new psychic powers. Hand to hand combat seems to have a lot of changes as does damage to vehicles.
The one thing I did look for right away (and was quickly disappointed) is the "To Hit" chart for hand-to-hand.  It is unchanged. Still maxes out at 3+ and 5+.
I'm still a firm believer that it should go from 2+ to 6+.

On a quick glance I like the new standard missions and deployment types. The Reserves rule has been changed, and for the better I think. Turns two and three reserve units arrive on a 3+, turn four automatically.

The fluff section is huge (101 pages), I look forward to reading it and seeing if anything has changed.
About sixty pages of painted minis, a 30 page hobby section, 50-ish pages of the ideas-for-battles type stuff rounding out with some nice looking appendices.

It will be a week or so before we get in our first game of Sixth, so stay tuned!

The Emperor Protects


  1. I'm still wondering if switching to a hit chart with 2/6 extremities somehow unbalances things drastically? I can understand the desire to give "everyone a chance" but I wonder if it's one of those math things where at those extremes your "chance" ends up essentially becoming no chance...?

    We should try a game sometime with deliberately chosen armies that hit some extremes and try it.

  2. Indeed we will.

    I'm okay with it topping out a 5+, to give everybody a chance to hit. That the chart does not go down to 2+ is what really bugs me.