Thursday, May 10, 2012

Battle Five

The final round of the Non-Powered Armor League saw the Ork Hordes take on the Tyranid Swarm and The Dark Eldar attack the Tau. The mission was Annihilate. And that is what all four armies did.

Hive Fleet Tiamat once again came on like a living tide, forcing Warlord Grimjaw to dig deep and use every bit of cunnin' at his disposal. Resisting the strong urge to just charge forward and meet the mass of 'gaunts head on, the assault units of the boyz hung back and let the the large amount of firepower reduce the swarm a bit.

Hard for even the Orks to miss.
A series of hand to hand to claw combats covered the entire field in no time. The fights were short, sharp and decisive. A very close game that could have easily gone the the Tyranid's way if not for a cold roll here and a slightly different decision there. The Ork shooting was above par for the most of the battle, and played a key role in their victory. The Zoanthropes under-performed badly, and the Tyrgon showed up far too late to make a difference.  
Late to the party, but still lethal.
And on the other table The Dark Eldar got to go first and swept across the field and into the awaiting Tau.

A truly epic slug fest erupted that lasted seven turns. When the dust had finally settled, the Dark Eldar pulled out a Major Victory. 

Overall, the League went very well. Many hard fought battles and a few absolute slaughters. Next time, we should have some work-up battles before the League kicks off. 

I would like to thank my fellow Warlords for a fun time. Matt and Jeff get a special thanks for being brave and taking armies they were not familiar with at all. It was great to see Pete finally bring his Tyranids onto the field after such a long time. How long? That is a tale for another day.

The final scores:

Dark Eldar:8

Now it is time to prepare for the Warlords annual Memorial Day Apocalypse battle & BBQ, Carnage-Asada!


  1. So I have noticed that my Battle reports of the battles that I am not in are very much lacking in detail. I think everyone should jot down a few notes of fun/significant things that happen and then give them to me so I can include it in the write ups.

  2. I like the new music carousel. :)

    I think the only "significant" thing I could say is that spore mines were a very poor choice for me. Not for any tactical reason, just because the rules have changed enough that I was constantly mis-using them. Heck, I don't think I even used them in my first game (against Jeff) because I forgot they go down before deployment, and I know I messed up two or three times using them against Matt.