Thursday, March 29, 2012

Battle Three Fight!

Tuska deals with a pesky Wave Serpent
Battle Three of the Non-Human league turned into to two very lopsided games. Mrs. Blackheart's Farseer continued to see the wrong path to victory. The Ork's warlord kept up the hot dice and headlong smashing attacks. The battle's highlite was the clash of the Wraithlords with the Ork Deff Dread, Big Hugga, and the Warboss.

Big Hugga did not stand a chance as the Wraithsword split it in two. Mork (or possibly Gork) was looking out for Killjaw Grimjack this day as he felled a Wraithlord in hand to hand.
Time to get out and  charge!
The game ended in a brisk five turns with a Ork massacre. On the other table, Hive Fleet Tiamat kept up it's momentum and crashed against the Tau's gunline.
Battlesuits. Crunchy AND chewy!
The Tau's massed fire tore huge gaps in the oncoming swarms, but it was not enough. Far too many of the tide of 'gaunts closed in.

Then the Tyranid reserves arrived. Caught between a Trygon and a swarm of Genestealers led by a broodlord, the Tau sell their lives dearly, but are overcome.

The Hive Mind achieve a Major Victory against the Greater (and very tasty) Good.

The Standings after Three:
Orks: 10
Tyranids: 9
Tau: 6
Dark Eldar: 3
Eldar: 3

Next time, Orks slug it out against the Tau and the Eldar fight their Dark cousins.

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  1. I love that somehow, no matter what unit you're shooting, no matter what point of the game it is, you always manage to get a shot of that one gaunt in the squad who didn't get his carapace drybrushed...