Friday, February 24, 2012

Inquisitor Daphne and Company

I am so temped to make this the core of a Inquisitorial squad. But who is the Inquisitor? Fred? Velma? Or all they just Daphne's pawns?

Mystery Machine: Rhino or Chimera? I'm leaning towards Rhino. I can see a pair of storm bolters on top, and maybe a H/K missile mount towards the rear. Just thinking...


  1. Inquisitor Fred for certain. He's always cooking up the plan. Velma. . . I'm going with savant there. I mean look, she's even holding a book. Daphne has got to be a blank. She's always seemed pretty soulless to me. Shaggy is their pysker. The man has clearly seen beyond the veil and into the warp. Those so called "Scooby Snacks" are what's keeping his powers in check. Which leaves the last one. There is only one possible explanation for Scooby, deamonhost.

  2. I say Inquisitor Velma. She was always the brains behind the operation. Fred was just a witless acolyte, more brawn than anything else.

    Daphne and her soulless eyes screams Death-cult assassin.

    Scooby is clearly a Joakero.

  3. The Fred or Velma question vexes me. I am leaning towards Fred as the Inquisitor, with Velma being an senior Adeptus Terra agent who has influence on Fred to achieve her aims.
    Scooby as daemonhost,oh my yes.
    Daphne is a Culexus Assassin.
    Shaggy is a Pysker, and Daphne keeps drawing off him,(Culexus get +1 for ANY Pysker nearby) only adding to his unstable downward spiral.