Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th. Hell of a good day to re-launch my rambling nonsense.
Welcome to the Home of the Atomic Warlords. Let's start by describing what I hope to do here. Mostly this little blog will be about Warhammer 40K. Yeah I know the interwebs don't really need another 40K blog, but this one is mine. It won't be about "power" lists, the latest meta-game, or how to beat up small children at tournaments. Or how to avoid being beaten by children.

This blog will develop campaigns, scenarios, and modeling. We will show off our battles and armies. Wax poetic about how we play the game, and if you are really lucky, some philosophy of gaming in general.

The Atomic Warlords are an informal gaming group based in San Diego, CA.
Mostly we play 40k, mostly. But we do play other board and card games that I will yammer about later.

I love 40k. The background, the fluff, rolling dice with my friends and playing with little toy soldiers. Yes, GW isn't perfect, and the game mechanics of 40K really aren't as well, but I still love it. I have been playing this "Stupid Fracking Game" for 19 years. Yes, I have a lot of 40K stuff. Yes, I will be posting about all of it.

Stay frosty,

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